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Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Uses and Blends

Ylang ylang essential oil's rich, dreamy aroma makes it perfect in a diffuser blend for restless, sleepless nights. The sweet, floral oil is also an amazing, all-natural way to encourage clear, even skin and its refreshing aroma instantly elevates any skincare routine. 

bath salts: ylang ylang (6) + geranium (4) + sea salt (1 cup)
hair conditioning treatment: ylang ylang (2-3) + coconut oil (1 tbs)
massage oil (tight muscles): ylang ylang (3) + ginger (2) + coconut oil (1 tbs)

natural serum: ylang ylang (3) + jojoba oil (1 tbs) 

bedtime diffuser blend: ylang ylang (3) + lavender (3) + frankincense (2) + water (1 cup)

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