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Geranium Essential OIl Uses and Blends

Geranium essential oil can be diffused to create rejuvenating feelings of peace and comfort. Its purifying, soothing properties can help regulate oily skin and clogged pores, while reviving tired skin. Geranium can also be used to nourish and soften hair. The oil's delicious, floral aroma makes it a popular choice as a natural perfume as well. 


bedtime diffuser blend: geranium (3) + lavender (3) + water
facial serum: geranium (4) + frankincense (4) + cedarwood (1) + jojoba oil (1 tbs)
brightening diffuser blend: geranium (2) + peppermint (2) + cedarwood (1) + water
immune boost diffuser blend: geranium (4) + rosemary (2) + tea tree (2) + water

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