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Lavender Essential Oil Uses and Blends

Lavender essential oil is most commonly used to promote relaxation and regular sleep. It was traditionally used to heal minor burns or cuts as well. Lavender also has many cosmetic benefits. It's often used to soften hair, moisturize the scalp, clean out pores and promote youthful, clear skin as a whole. 


massage oil (relax/relieve pain): lavender (3) + rosemary (2) + coconut oil (1tbs)
sleep diffuser blend: lavender (5) + frankincense (2) + water
uplifting diffuser blend: lavender (2) + lemon (2) + peppermint (1) + water
relieving pain/stinging from burn: lavender (4) + carrier oil (1tbs)
conditioning shampoo: shampoo + lavender (4) + cedarwood (4) + ylang ylang (2)

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