About Us

Ten Leaves was designed to ethically combine nature and art. 

Our first step was curating an inventory of pure, responsibly-sourced, premium essential oils. 

After researching different plant types, local suppliers, and processes, we finally made our choices; 18 therapy-grade, all-natural oils from sources we could truly trust. 

In searching for a way to combine art and aromatherapy, we also discovered the hidden-in-plain-sight, earthen gem, terracotta. 

The strong, red-orange clay composite has been used for centuries, all over the world, for everything from roofs to plant pots. 

And a unique quality of terracotta also makes it the perfect, natural diffuser.

When it's baked in a kiln, the water in the clay evaporates, leaving behind tiny air pockets that make it more durable. 

Oils tend to slide off the smooth surface of other ceramic materials porcelain, but the tiny air pockets in terracotta naturally store them.

The absorbed essential oils are then slowly, naturally diffused through simple evaporation.

By incorporating elements of iconic art from different eras and regions, we created beautiful, sustainable diffuser disks that don't need water or an outlet: for aromatherapy, without the electricity.