What are Ultrasonic Diffusers?

What Are Ultrasonic Diffusers?

Ultrasonic diffusers (like our Zoe diffuser by Stadler Form) release essential oils into the air via mist. After you fill the diffuser with enough waterusually indicated by a line or markyou pour a few drops of essential oil into the water. A tiny disk inside the diffuser then vibrates really quickly, breaking the oil down into molecules small enough to blend with the water. 

These vibrations are actually where this device gets its name (ultrasonic vibrations = ultrasonic diffusers). The diffuser releases this water and essential oil mix into the air as a fine mist, circulating the aromas you love all around the room. Since ultrasonic diffusers use mist, they can cover large areas—which makes them perfect for bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Diffusers

Ultrasonic diffusers can be a powerful way to fully enjoy the aroma of essential oils. Especially when they’re energy-efficient, these diffusers can be the best of both worlds—especially since they can be used as humidifiers too. Since they’re releasing a fine mist, ultrasonic diffusers can be a subtle alternative to clunky, loud humidifiers. 

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