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Peppermint Essential Oil Uses and Blends

Peppermint essential oil is often diffused to clear the air and create a pure, clean-feeling environment—making it a favorite during cold and flu season. The powerful, refreshing fragrance can also help rejuvenate and refocus a tired mind

Peppermint’s cooling properties are often used to soothe irritated or dry skin perfect for bug bites, dandruff and sunburns.  


clearing congestion: eucalyptus (3) + peppermint (2) + carrier oil
facial sugar scrub: peppermint (4) + sugar (½ cup) + coconut oil (2 tbs)
sunburn relief: peppermint (2) + lavender (2) + aloe vera gel

diffuser blend: peppermint (3) + eucalyptus (2) + cedarwood (2) + clove (1) + water

rub 1-2 drops of diluted peppermint on temples when tired or burnt out to energize & wake up

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