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Ginger Essential Oil Uses & Blends

The ideal road trip companion, Ginger essential oil is often used for motion sickness or nausea. Ginger's warm, dynamic qualities also make it a popular addition to massage oils for sore muscles or stiff joints.

Especially when hydro-distilled, (like our Ginger essential oil) the oil can be perfect in a skincare routine for dull, pasty complexions. 


massage oil (car-sickness): ginger (2) + coconut oil (1/2 tbs)
focus (diffuser blend): ginger (3) + lemon (2) + water
sugar scrub: ginger (7) + lemon (4) + brown sugar (⅓ cup) + coconut oil (3 tbs)
face mask (toning/moisturizing): ginger (5) + lemon (3) + honey (2 tbs)

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