Our Values


Here at Ten Leaves, we're returning to the heart of essential oils. 



We remember the quiet, intentional space for healing that existed before aggressive marketing and hundreds of overwhelming options took over.



That’s why we created a space where essential oils are carefully curated—like art. Each essential oil in our collection is the result of months of deliberation and the same goes for all our sets. To get to our current selection, we researched and tested over 200 different essential oils from more than 20 different countries. 



We believe there's something beautiful in taking the vastness of nature and squeezing it into a drop of oil. It's about capturing that feeling of sitting on the beach, watching the sun fade beneath the water, thinking of nothing—just a simple, quiet moment.



A moment you can truly call yours.



So rest with us. Pick your favorite from our favorites and take a deep breath. Create that simple, quiet moment for yourself—a place for you to relax, energize, focus and heal. 




 And then stay for a while. You deserve it.