Handpicked first choices for an introduction to essential oils


With a wide variety of different essential oils, Intro is the ideal set for sampling different scents, or as an introduction.   Find your favorite scent, try one of our essential oil recipes, or simply use the set to learn what kinds of essential oils you like or need.   The Intro set comes with nine pure, 100% natural, essential oils in 5 mL bottles: Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, Fennel, Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon,  Peppermint Redistilled, Tea tree, Ylang Ylang with a handmade terracotta disk for easy diffusion.


The INTRO set contains:

  • Cedarwood Essential oil, 100% Pure, Atlas, Moroco, Cedrus atlantica - 5 mL
  • Eucaluptus Essential oil, 100% Pure, Australia, Eucalyptus radiata - 5 mL
  • Fennel Essential oil, 100% Pure, Egypt, Foeniculum vulgare - 5 mL
  • Frankincense Essential oil, 100% Pure, Somalia, Boswellia carterii - 5 mL
  • Lavender Essential oil, 100% Pure, Fine High Alt., France, Lavandula angustifolia - 5 mL
  • Lemon Essential oil, 100% Pure, Organic, Italy, Citrus limon - 5 mL
  • Peppermint Essential oil, 100% Pure, Redistilled, USA, Mentha piperita - 5 mL
  • Tea Tree Essential oil, 100% Pure, Australia, Melaleuca alternifolia - 5 mL
  • Ylang Ylang Essential oil, 100% Pure, Grade 1, Madagascar, Cananga odorata - 5 mL
  • Handmade Terracotta disk - approximately 1-5/8" inches dia., 3/16" thk.